3 Mini Tips for Making Your Corporate Class Super Unique

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3 Mini Tips for Making Your Corporate Class Super Unique
I have the high honor of teaching chair yoga and nidra at a hospital once a week to a group of patients with Parkinson's Disease. I am learning so much from the participants that join this class each week and here are a few take-aways that might inspire you for your corporate classes.
May you find these three tips helpful to create your own unique corporate yoga class:
  1. Accidentally, one week a student set her chair up so she started to form a circle instead of a line. Since, I have kept our class in a circle format and everyone really enjoys that. It feels more collaborative, fun and friendly.
  1. It popped in my head before class the other day that I should start with an ice breaker. I have been having students state their name and we all say hello (this works for our group of about 5-7). This week I had them add a word that described themselves that also started with the letter of their first name. There were laughs and moving moments. When one participant couldn't think of a word that started with B, a handful of other students immediately said 'beautiful' together and she LOVED it. I am going to continue with an "ice breaker" each week because it really set a wonderful mood and bonded our group.
  1. I have been experimenting with working with the left and right side of the body in different ways. For example, we first did a shoulder roll flow with just the right shoulder for several rounds, then just the left shoulder and then alternated right/left.




I also offered a bit of cross lateral movements (inhale right hand up, exhale to left side thigh and repeat). Here is some super cool research that talks about the benefits behind this: Want to Sync the 2 Hemispheres of Your Brain? Neuroscience Says to Do This Daily (It Only Takes 4 Minutes) | Inc.com
I am always happy to answer your corporate yoga questions in these Tuesday Tips! Have a question?  Reply here with it. 🙂








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