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Smart Reframe: Bring Affirmations Into The Corporate Setting

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 Smart re-frame to bring affirmations into the corporate setting.

I love guiding my students to create a powerful Sankalpa in my yoga nidra offerings, a heartfelt intention in my yoga flow classes a meaningful affirmation in my meditation classes.
However, when I am in the corporate setting I often teach the exact same concept of how to create a Sankalpa (deep resolve) but with different wording:
I call it a focal point or most often a POWER STATEMENT. I can tell you some of my corporate folks are put off by the term affirmation, but never POWER statement, goal or focal point.
But guess what? I am teaching the same thing!!! I am helping them (studio or corporate) to create a powerful phrase that is:
-Stated in the affirmative
-& most importantly FEELS good!
While this seemingly minor shift from stating affirmation to power statement seems really is not because the moment I turn someone off, they tune me out and don't receive the benefit.
Watch your vocab when teaching in the corporate world, so that you are relatable to your corporate group as a whole and not to just the few that already partake in yoga outside the business setting.
If you are taking my free mindfulness experiment this is your mindful activity for the day: Create a Powerful Statement. If you want to still jump into this experiment hit reply and say "I'd like this free experiment" and I'll send it to you.
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