Easiest & Most Overlooked Way to Gain Clients

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✨ Tuesday Tip This Week ✨


The easiest and most overlooked place to get corporate client referrals.



➡️ My guess is that you have a handful of students that love your classes, right?



Are they referring you corporate yoga business?



If not, they probably do not associate you with teaching in corporate.



➡️ Here is what you need to do.


Make sure your current students keep this equation in mind: You + Corporate Yoga = Teaching at a business they work at.



⭐️ I'll give you 3 examples and your take-aways:


  1. I was walking out of the grocery store and ran into a student that came to my studio yoga nidra classes.  She said "Shawn, what have you been up to and where are you teaching." I said "mostly teaching meditation and yoga in businesses." She said "I didn't know you taught in business. I'm referring you to my company so I can take your nidras there." This was Intel and now they are a client.
  2. A yoga teacher I coach one-on-one is in the stage right now where she is leaning on her network of students as well. Here the conversation took place over facebook messenger. He works in the admin department of a huge grocer and she now has an appointment to talk about teaching there.
  3. A student from 5 years ago when I taught at LaFitness found out her hospital was looking for a yoga teacher and she referred me because I stay in touch with her and she knows I do corporate yoga. I am now going through their on-boarding process to teach there.


⭐️ Here is your one step easy take-away:

  1. Start making sure your students know that you ALSO teach in businesses.  



They are not going to associate your private lesson that you give them, with also translating over to the business world. Now of course teaching in businesses looks WILDLY different than teaching privates, gyms or studios, but regardless your first step is to get those that love you knowing that you can also teach in the corporate landscape.



✨ Let them know! 



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