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Part 3: Let's Get YOU a New Client!

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✨ Tuesday Tip This Week ✨



Has yoga changed your life?  



It has dramatically changed my life from the mindset of "I just need to get through this life" to "this life is sacred and precious." This by no means that I am happy, go-lucky all the time, but rather have found purpose and meaning in every aspect of my life.  



Thank you yoga!!



Because of what yoga has gifted me I feel compelled, no - obligated captures what I feel better, to share the gifts of yoga with others.



I like to teach in non-traditional settings such as hospitals, businesses and non-profits to bring yoga to people that would not normally walk into a studio.



Do you feel compelled to get yoga to people that wouldn't normally walk into a studio?



If you answered YES then you owe it to them to do the work to bring yoga to them.



That is where part 3 of Let's Get you A New Client comes in. Now you need to work your list you created and start to call, connect with, email, mail and generally just reach out to the people on your list that you want to bring yoga to.



Yes, it's hard work, but it's work that is worth it.  



Let this email motivate you to pick up the phone and make some calls and to send some emails to find new clients.




⭐️ Did you know my course A BLUEPRINT for TEACHING CORPORATE YOGA teaches you step-by-step how to find, get and keep corporate yoga business?  


Did you know the course is coming to you live this October in Scottsdale, AZ?


This course is filling up very quickly since it is live. So if you would like to come, I highly recommend securing your spot now here.



⭐️  See you in-person October 14th-16th! Make your travel arrangements now. ⭐️ 




To your success,


[email protected]

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