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Online Teaching in the Past or Here to Stay?

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 ✨ Tuesday Tip of the Week ✨


Online Teaching in the Past or Here to Stay? 

Do you think online teaching is a thing of the past or here to stay?

It is here to stay!


While I am back in-person with the majority of my repeat clients, I am still being booked for online mindfulness presentations, chair yoga, mat yoga and meditation consistently.

✨ Your take-away:

If you do not feel comfortable teaching online, get comfortable teaching online in order to offer that service to your corporate clients or corporate prospects that have moved to flex work schedules, have remote workers or have multiple offices (because even if everyone is in-person, they utilize our yogic teachings as one way to bring their employees throughout the country or world together).  


✨  Here are 3 tips for teaching online:

1. Download and test the meeting link with your client before you teach (not everyone uses Zoom) as well as your mic and camera.
2. Have exceptional lighting. One of the yoga teachers I coach privately is growing both her online and in-person wellness business, and her online set up was too dark.  She spent a weekend flipping her workspace around to have the natural light from her windows in front of her, and it was literally like night and day. So much more personable and professional.  Great lighting is a MUST!
3. Log online 10 minutes before your start time and put up a screen share slide that states something to the effect of: 'yoga will start soon so grab your mat (or chair), water and comfy clothes.' I received this tip from one of my clients recently and I thought it was brilliant so I wanted to share it with you! 🙂



Everything I teach you in my course A Blueprint for Teaching Corporate Yoga20 hours I have learned from my clients and now I share it with you.  

You'll find more testimonials when you click this link to learn more about this course, but here is one for you right now from Joan Will, MBA:

"WOW! What an incredible, insightful and well-taught course 'How to Teach Corporate Yoga'. Great investment -- of my time, the immense value gained from Shawn's collaborative and positive teaching style, the content/templates, and course breadth. The course organization was extremely professional, easy-to-access on my laptop/phone, and I loved how each lesson began with breathing exercises and positive affirmations sprinkled throughout, and the reminders of the differences between studio teaching vs corporate teaching . As importantly, Shawn is very realistic about the challenges associated with prospecting and landing corporate clients, and the work required to generate and keep business. Overall, this course is INCREDIBLE ROI for the investment. I am excited to add this skill and mindset to my yoga teaching approach, and HELP corporate employees reduce stress. Thank you Shawn!!!"


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