How to Deal with Rejection in Your Corporate Yoga Business

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Re: Don't let a fear of rejection keep you from growing your yoga business.

I'll let you in on a little secret. I hate rejection and my feelings still get hurt when I feel I am rejected by a business decision maker, either because they didn't call me back or they said they were not interested.
And I have been making business to business sales calls for over 20 years!
✔️ When I hear no, or nothing at all, my feelings really get hurt.  Rejection is one of my core lessons I know I need to learn in this lifetime, but hearing no still hurts.   
✔️ Hearing no taps into my core wound of not being good enough, and while it is majorly activated in relationships, especially romantic partnerships, I still feel the pain anytime I perceive I am rejected.
🤔 So why do I continue to put myself out there?  
Because my desire to teach yoga in corporations and reach more people through their business is greater than the major discomfort of my rejection wound being triggered.
❓ A question I get a lot: What if I only hear no over and over and never get any business?
I promise you, if you are actually doing the work consistently of calling/emailing/marketing to businesses to teach yoga you will eventually hear yes.
How do I know?
In my 20 years of experience in business to business sales I have learned that it is truly a numbers game. I have trained a lot of sales people over the years (some with great personalities and so much) and guess what.....if they did the work they heard yes a particular % of the time.  
✨  By stating "hearing YES", I mean the sales work translating to actual business.
I have had jobs where my sales activity was tracked so I learned by numbers that way, I have had jobs where I had to track my sales peoples numbers and I have also tracked by own numbers.
My own number is about 10 % for cold call marketing.
✨ Basically what that means is this...
When I make a list of 20 businesses that I want to work with and reach out to them consistently until I hear yes or no, then I know I will eventually have something happen with two of them.  
So, first off that means 18 of the businesses are going to reject me.  2 of them will have some interest and entertain a meeting either now or in the future to learn more about the benefits of yoga for their employees.
✨ With consistent marketing (phone, emails, letters and more you'll learn from the course) you will eventually find your own numbers in regards to:
  1. How many phone calls/emails/etc do I need to make to schedule a meeting with a business owner to learn more about the benefits of me teaching corporate yoga for them?
  2. How many meetings do I need to have with decision makers to find one new client?
It is actually quite fascinating to track the amount of activity you do to find new prospects and to track how many convert to paid clients.  
While this doesn't necessarily take the sting out of the rejection it does provide hope based in factual numbers.
✨ If you resonate with this fear of rejection here are some tips to do the work anyways to find new clients:
  1. Call it what it is and face it.  The first step is to admit you are not picking up the phone to find clients because you are scared they are going to say no.
  2. Now decide upon your WHY? Why do you want to call anyways? Write your WHY above your work space where you can see it ALL OF THE TIME.
  3. Decide if your WHY is bigger than your rejection wound. If it is proceed to the next step.
  4. Pick up the phone and call that prospect and be motivated by two things:
    1. You are now going to track your numbers so you can eventually state with certainty "okay I have heard 10 no's and my numbers tell me my next yes is coming soon" or "Okay I have presented 4 proposals this month and my numbers tell me that I in 5 proposal appointment turn to paying clients.'
    2.  To do the spiritual work. What, phone calling is spiritual work?  Yep!  It sure is and here is why: when you hear a no you pause to reflect on it. What does the no feel like? Where do you feel it? What is being triggered? How can you begin to heal this core wound yourself. How can you begin to heal this core wound? Maybe the start is to accept it? Perhaps a beginning remedy is to give yourself a loving pep talk or to shout out an affirmation "I AM ENOUGH" or "I AM VALUED".
  5. Know that when you commit to growing your business consistently you are really committing to yourself and your dreams.
⭐️ You've got this! ⭐️ 
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To your success,





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