5 Interesting Places I have taught Yoga at and YOU can too!

Jun 29, 2022

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5 Interesting Places I have taught Yoga at and YOU can too!

While teaching weekly in a corporate setting is nice steady work that I highly recommend, I also love to explore unique places that I can teach to keep things fun and interesting. Take these ideas and make them work for your area and business!​


  1. 15 Minutes at various times throughout the day for a large business conference. We called these 'Mindful Mini Breaks' and I had 4 instructors with me to help with these breaks. What business conferences are happening in your town that you can work at?
  2. In a healthcare setting for the health care providers. I taught mindfulness tips to the healthcare workers to help them manage their stress, and also to teach them how to teach their patients mindfulness to manage their pain and stress levels. I bet you know at least one person that works at a hospital. Have them help you get in.
  3. For library staff workers employed by the county you live in. I have learned that getting into really big places like your county, city or huge business nearby is actually not so tough, if you just focus on one department at a time. Do you know someone that works for the county or city that can help you get into their department?
  4. For a women's 'Paint and Sip' event I provided a "talk" on utilizing yogic tips to enhance creativity and tied it into the painting event. Super fun! Not only was I paid, received referrals from other women at the event, but I also got to engage in the paint and sip! Who do you know that manages events like this? Tip: wellness is a hit for events....make the most of it!
  5. My all time favorite: I created a Comedy Yoga Class for a client wanting to make yoga at the event lively while still receiving the health benefits.  This was at a hotel where the client was hosting this insurance business retreat. Her job was to make the yoga class "highly recommended" to get a good amount of people there. My job was to plant an improv actor who thought the class was open to the public and was super goofy, silly and to this day her insurance guys are 50/50 if it was a set up or if the party crasher was an actual guest of the hotel.  

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