WHY I teach so much yoga nidra in businesses!

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Why I teach so much yoga nidra in businesses.
Today at U-Haul in my morning stretch and meditate class, I opened up with breath meditation (yoga nidra style) and closed with an energizing body scan (nidra style), which received a lot of positive feedback and most felt an extra dose of energy.
Yesterday at Honor Health, I opened my chair yoga class with breath meditation that I learned from nidra, and closed my class with a mini nidra of intention, breath meditation and body scan. The feedback again was positive, and in particular two participants stated they really liked the practice of connecting their mind to parts of their body and they needed that and asked for more.
While I don't always call nidra "nidra" in my corporate setting class descriptions, I use nidra all the time in my corporate class teachings because nidra is so very versatile.
However, once I get to know my people that regularly come to my classes, I let them know we are practicing a type of yoga called nidra.
Okay, so what does this mean for you?
Here are some take-aways and if you are local in AZ (or want to travel) I have an upcoming nidra training in August.
  1. If you already teach yoga nidra, consider also bringing 'mini nidras' into places that only have a slot of 15-30 minutes for you to teach. In my nidra manual I cite a study that shows the positive benefits and outcomes of just an 11 minute nidra!
  2. Yoga nidra meditation is so versatile and so right for businesses because everyone can do it, it translates well to online if needed, you barley need any space for it, and your corporate folks can practice anywhere (in their cubicles for example) and come in their work clothes.
  3. I love nidra meditation midday because it provides a POWERFUL boost of energy for the second half of the day and increases productivity.
  4. Body scans have been a HUGE hit with all of my corporation teachings for the past 5 years, so consider starting to practice teaching stand-alone body scans to increase focus and energy and including them at the end of your yoga class for your students. 
Please click the link below and read more about the 10 hour Nidra Immersion CE Training August 13th and 14th in Tempe, AZ: CLICK HERE.




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