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Welcome to the Tuesday Tip of the Week! 


This Week: 


Are you teaching meditation in businesses? 

If not, you should start. ✅



↳Here is why:

Meditation is truly inclusive as EVERYBODY can participate in the office (you can also call it mindfulness mediation).




🧘‍♀️ Meditation more easily transfers to teaching online than yoga, and there is no prep needed, such as changing clothes or keeping your yoga mat. You can truly come as you are.



• If you google: "what is trending in corporate wellness for 2022", you will often find that mindfulness and meditation tops the list.  
📝 How to get started:
• For clients that you are already work with on corporate yoga; ask them if they would like an additional weekly meditation class.
• For new prospects, follow the same action marketing plan you utilize to find corporate yoga clients.
↳Be ready with research - just search up: benefits of meditation in the workplace.
 âœ… Answer this question: 
Do you feel you have the training and skills to teach corporate meditation?
If you answer no, would you be interested in a mini course teaching you how to teach corporate meditation?
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To your success,





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