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Turn your unique talent into your corporate yoga niche to find your ideal clients!

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✨ Tuesday Tip This Week ✨
Turn your unique talent into your corporate yoga niche to find your ideal clients! 


In today's Tuesday Tip, we are highlighting Josh Beno, a Blueprint for Teaching Corporate Yoga Course Alumni.
Josh illustrates beautifully how to turn your unique experience and knowledge into a corporate yoga niche that serves a needed corporate population, by bringing stress management solutions directly to them in a way that can best be received.
➡️ Watch Josh's demo video here: ⬅️
Actually don't watch the car yoga flow with Josh.
Here is what I love about what Josh has done that you can replicate as well:
  1. Josh has experience and knowledge of the automobile industry. Josh designed a flow that can be done right in the car. He is showing decision makers in his known market (automotive) how they can hire him to bring stress management solutions directly to their employees where they are (working in or around cars). What specialized market do you have knowledge of that you can bring customized yoga services to?
  2. Josh also is tapping into a wider niche, which is anyone that drives a car that wants a mindful break before, after or during work. Josh makes great use of utilizing his environment as a resource (i.e. the steering wheel, seat and whole car) and in doing so he takes the intimidation factor right out of the equation of why someone wouldn't do yoga. He is meeting his students/clients right where they are at (in their car). How can you meet your soon to be clients where they are at?
  3. highly encourage you to take Josh's flow to see how good it feels whether you are new to yoga or experienced. We often associate "chair yoga" with something that is for an older population, but that is not the case and Josh proves that. Josh has made his yoga flow accessible to all. How can you make your corporate yoga offering accessible to all in your own unique way?
Please take a moment to support our fellow corporate yogi Josh by liking and subscribing to his YouTube channel.
Do you have a unique way that you are bringing yoga corporations or really any place that is not a studio/gym? I would love to highlight your case study so we can all grow and learn together while bringing more yoga to more people and earning more money as yoga teachers.
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