Why I ALMOST didn't get that referral from my sister.

Jul 19, 2022

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Why I ALMOST didn't get that referral from my sister.


My sister and I are very close and have even worked in sales together....even on the same accounts together. My sister gets sales.


She also clearly knows that I teach corporate yoga.  

We were on a long car drive the other day to our Moms house and my sister and I were talking about anything and everything and this came up:


 Sister: "I was going to give your name and number to Kelsey (her bestie) because she thought having yoga in the office might motivate her employees (finance industry) to come back into the office, but they literally have no space for yoga so she is thinking of something else."

 Me: "You know I do a lot of my corporate yoga around conference rooms?"

 Sister:  "I know. They don't have a conference room" (not super common, but not uncommon).

 Me: "I have taught in business lobbies, around cubicles, really wherever they have space. If they have space for employees to work....they have space for yoga. You know I often don't even use mats in my business classes because there really is not room."

 Sister: "Totally makes sense. I just keep picturing the studio we go to sometimes, that is what is on my mind for yoga, even though I know that is not how you do it in your businesses."

 Me:  "Yup."

 Sister (again she worked in sales so she knows how to give a referral and I didn't have to coach this):  "Okay, I'll send a text message to both you and Kelsey for the introduction from this and then you take it from there."



This conversation really opened my eyes to what might stop someone in my network from referring me business, like my sister almost didn't, because she and her bestie were convinced there wasn't space for it.


Here are some take-aways for you:

  1. Remember in your free mini course,10 tips the yoga Teacher Must Know to Teach Corporate Yoga there is a tip on space. Re-watch. Login here: learn.breatheandwork.com
  2. Get specific: I teach chair yoga in businesses, I teach corporate yogic workshops virtually, I teach corporate mindfulness workshops, I teach employees how to manage stress with my yoga knowledge, etc.
  3. Paint the picture for them. For example, if they say "tell me more" or more commonly "what on earth is a corporate yoga teacher" help them visualize it: "Typically, I go in once a week and I guide a meditation for productivity for 15 minutes at the end off their weekly Monday morning meeting to help everyone energize and get motivated for the week," or "I go in once a week and teach mindful movement mid day for 30 minutes to help employees manage their stress. I go right to their department and they practice at their desks with me".


 Tip: Continue to let your network know what you are up to, every time they ask "how are you"  or what have you been up to", you can start to let them know so over time they associate you with teaching yoga in businesses.  


 Main take-away: Help them to visualize what you do! ✨

You've got this!  👏

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