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How much corporate yoga teaching is too much?

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How much corporate yoga teaching is too much? 



This same question applies to studio teaching as well. How do you sustain a yoga teaching career and not get burned out, is another way to phrase this question.



Let me first acknowledge that I realize this is a good problem to have and if you are just starting out teaching yoga or teaching corporate yoga you might be tuning out because you do not think this applies.  



However, since I cannot go back in time and change a few things from the jump that would have helped me grow quicker and more sustainably I'll share them with you instead.


→ My example of what would ultimately burn me out quick:

These past few Wednesday's I have taught 4 classes, plus had one coaching client. That's too much for me in one day. My body felt tired. I was scattered and didn't have a lot of time with my kids. 

→ My example of what I feel is sustainable to grow my business and maintain my joy of teaching: 

Friday I taught a yoga workshop and placed a teacher to teach a mindfulness workshop elsewhere, got caught up on the business aspects of being a "yoga entrepreneur" and had ample time with my kids. That day felt like a win in this season of my life as a working Mom.


At this moment, I am working on growing my corporate yoga business in a way that doesn't burn me out, because having every day like this past Wednesday would burn me out for sure.


However, having each day similar to the Friday example would be a very sustainable way to grow.  What makes this example most sustainable, is that with both workshops any teacher could have been placed and it gave me time to work on creating "evergreen teaching content" to record and sell over and over.


Now here are a few things that I have learned along the way that might help you to grow your yoga business sustainably without getting burnt out:

  •  Remember to give yoga to yourself. When we teach a lot, especially to beginners. we are putting ourselves into the yoga postures to demo. So while our body feels like we might have practiced, we didn't. We need to practice daily to give back to ourselves.
  •  When possible put your yoga corporate contracts in your business name with the language that it is your company and your teachers that are teaching at business XYZ and not just you. For example, for the first few years you might be the one teaching that 11 am Tuesday chair yoga class but as you grow your contract will allow for you to place other teachers.
  •  Teach online as well because you do not have the added stress of driving from class to class all day. This week three of my corporate classes were online and last week four were. This is a thing. You too can find corporations that want yoga online for their employees.
  •  Turn your yoga expertise into an online/on-demand course like I did with A Blueprint for Teaching Corporate Yoga.  This is an on-demand course that is 'evergreen' - meaning teachers can purchase it at any time and move through the content at their own pace. This also means that I can earn money without having to always be live teaching This is how you begin to replicate yourself. What expertise can you turn into a course or mini course?
  •  What other yoga services can you record and sell? How can you create something once and sell it over and over? Maybe it is a unique corporate yoga workshop or training. What is your unique yoga talent? How would a corporation benefit?



I hope you found this information helpful and it allows you to start putting in sustainable yoga teaching practices in place now that will benefit you in the long run.



Please finish this prompt and let us know if I can share it on social media to help others grow a sustainable yoga business:

→ I prevent yoga teacher burnout by____________________________.



To your success,


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