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Paula Wright


The Teach Corporate Yoga Course by Shawn Bradford is excellent.

There is a big difference between teaching yoga in a studio and teaching in a corporate environment.

She provides a wealth of information that is easy to digest.

I highly recommend this course for any instructor considering teaching for a corporate audience.

Kimberly Costello

Shawn is one of the best trainers I have worked with in my 22 years of teaching yoga. She’s passionate and thoughtful in how she facilitates her trainings. She provided essential tools that have assisted me in pursuing a path with confidence and ease. I am grateful to have connected and learned from Shawn. Her continued support and guidance has allowed me to strive for and provide value to my clients and for my business. Thank you Shawn!

Stacey Spink

I thoroughly enjoyed the course "TEACH CORPORATE YOGA" in the spring of 2021. This course was interactive but also had a self-paced video program which I took my time to finish. The amount of knowledge shared in this course was incredible! I felt that I received so much valuable information not only geared to yoga but setting up a corporate yoga business. By the end of the course, I felt completely prepared to jump in and start teaching corporate yoga. Thank you, Shawn!