A BluePrint for Teaching Corporate Yoga: 20 CE Hours On-Demand

Grow your yoga business, earn more money & bring more yoga to more people!

What you'll get:

  • Discover the differences of corporate yoga teaching vs. studio teaching
  • Understand how to find, earn and keep corporate yoga clients 
  • Includes a library of observational videos

This course includes a 90 plus page manual! 

What People Are Saying:

WOW! What an incredible, insightful and well-taught course "How to Teach Corporate Yoga." Great investment -- of my time, the immense value gained from Shawn's collaborative and positive teaching style, the content/templates, and course breadth. The course organization was extremely professional, easy-to-access on my laptop/phone, and I loved how each lesson began with breathing exercises and positive affirmations sprinkled throughout, and the reminders of the differences between studio teaching vs corporate teaching . As importantly, Shawn is very realistic about the challenges associated with prospecting and landing corporate clients, and the work required to generate and keep business. Overall, this course is INCREDIBLE ROI for the investment. I am excited to add this skill and mindset to my yoga teaching approach, and HELP corporate employees reduce stress. Thank you Shawn!!!

Joan Will, MBA

The Teach Corporate Yoga Course by Shawn Bradford is excellent. There is a big difference between teaching yoga in a studio and teaching in a corporate environment. She provides a wealth of information that is easy to digest. I highly recommend this course for any instructor considering teaching for a corporate audience. -Paula Wright www.freesoulyoga.com

Paula Wright

This course is very practical for learning about, “How to Teach Corporate Yoga.” Shawn is very thorough, generous, motivating and detail oriented. I have participated in other seminars and coaching calls on the business of corporate yoga, and this one was fairly priced and very, very helpful. I am walking away with tons of information that is useful and easy to apply. I have already made several outreaches to my network that is getting me some traction. I am so glad I signed up for this course and I highly recommend it. -https://sharonepsteinyoga.com/

Sharon Epstein

Shawn is one of the best trainers I have worked with in my 22 years of teaching yoga. She’s passionate and thoughtful in how she facilitates her trainings. She provided essential tools that have assisted me in pursuing a path with confidence and ease. I am grateful to have connected and learned from Shawn. Her continued support and guidance has allowed me to strive for and provide value to my clients and for my business. Thank you Shawn! -https://www.kimberlycastelloyoga.com/

Kimberly Castello

thoroughly enjoyed the course "TEACH CORPORATE YOGA" in the spring of 2021. This course was interactive but also had a self-paced video program which I took my time to finish. The amount of knowledge shared in this course was incredible! I felt that I received so much valuable information not only geared to yoga but setting up a corporate yoga business. By the end of the course, I felt completely prepared to jump in and start teaching corporate yoga. Thank you, Shawn! -https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacey-spink-43b4b1163/

Stacey Spink

I am so pleased with the Corporate Yoga Teacher Training course that I took with Shawn Bradford. The course was very informative and packed with valuable information and resources.Shawn is a professional and her experience and expertise is reflected in all the material and live lectures offered throughout the course.I walk away with more confidence and skills necessary to teach yoga in a corporate setting.Thank you Shawn.Cathie Regan, CYT, KYTPhoenix, Arizona

Cathie Regan

The Corporate Yoga training is fantastic in that Shawn truly provides a comprehensive program grounded in the real-world. As an instructor, she does a good job of balancing answering questions with making sure the class is on topic so that you get the most out of your time. Additionally, I found the format very doable. If I couldn’t attend on a particular day, I could watch the recording and still catch up before the next session. Finally, my favorite part of the training was the access to several videos where she taught a wide variety of types of classes. Having these classes to observe makes all the difference! Thanks, Shawn! -@nordcreates

Stephanie Nordlund

I absolutely would recommend any new (or experienced) fellow yoga teachers to take this course with Shawn! Before this class, I was struggling to find a direction to take my yoga teaching skills and I knew I always had an interest in being my own boss/starting my own business. Shawn truly gives the best information, advice, and resources to help you get started as a corporate yoga teacher. I am so happy I seized this AMAZING opportunity! Thank you Shawn [email protected]

Annamarie Gansheimer

Shawn's TCY (Teach Corporate Yoga) is truly some of the best training I have had, and is a must for a yoga teacher wanting to break into the corporate yoga teaching world. Shawn goes over every single aspect of the job, willingly shares her expertise openly, and gives you the tips and tricks you need to know in order to be successful. Shawn's course goes over how to prepare for and keep clients, different packages you can offer, and gives you a deep understanding of why yoga in the workplace is needed and highly valued with stats to prove it. I'm so grateful to have taken her course, it was worth every penny, and one of the best things I did for my business. -Courtney Griffin @courtgtv

Courtney Griffin

If you are looking for clarity on how to expand your yoga into corporate this is the perfect course for you. Shawn does an amazing job at breaking down the material in a way that is easy to learn, while also providing her real-life experiences and expertise. In this course you will be supported along the way and even though it is in a group setting, you are guided step by step feeling confident to apply to your own journey. -Jade Hall @elevatedwealth

Jade Hall

I loved the material shawn provided in the course and was really helpful on how to gather resources as well as dealing taking on new clients and my biggest thing providing prices too. Thanks shawn!! -https://www.linkedin.com/in/renee-durrer-bb514276/

Renee Durrer

Shawns Corporate Yoga Teacher Training course gave me all the tools to feel confident and prepared to attain, teach and manage from a business perspective. She is very knowledgable and has genuine desire to see others thrive while providing wellness to the corporate world. Thank you for providing me with skills, tools and applicable knowledge to expand my offerings to a much needed market. Everything she taught and provided was supported by her own successful experience and growth. I am so grateful, thank you! -@utopia_experiences


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