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30 Mindfulness Tips for Your Corporate Yoga Clients

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30 Mindfulness Tips for Your Corporate Yoga Clients





Do you teach mindfulness in businesses? You should. It is a HOT topic.
➡️  What is so cool about teaching mindfulness is that mindfulness stems from your yoga knowledge and training.
Mindfulness is also trending in businesses. If you look at any popular business publications from Forbes to Inc to Harvard Business Review, you'll see they've all written about the benefits of mindfulness in business.
➡️  I teach mindfulness in corporations in quite a few ways:
  • As keynotes/talks/speeches for business retreats, conferences and company events
  • 10-Week Mindfulness Series
  • One-Day mindfulness training
  • Monthly Mindfulness workshops
  • Weekly meditation
  • Mixing mindfulness tips into my weekly corporate yoga practices
I am running a free 30 day Mindfulness Experiment in the month of August.
➡️  Each tip is more than appropriate for you to customize to your own style, so you can teach to your corporate clients in your own unique ways. Even feel free to take this mindfulness experiment, customize it to you and run it in businesses for an online/on-demand fun experiment.
Where did I get this experiment from?  
My Mindfully Rise Above Stress Workshop/Keynote that I have delivered over and over again through the years in various business settings that I mentioned above.
Basically, each tip in this 30 day mindful experiment was pulled from there.
➡️  3 reasons to participate in this mindful experiment:
  1. Mindfulness is a life-long practice and you'll receive your own insights as you travel deeper within.
  2. We should always practice what we teach.
  3. You can take these mindfulness experiments, tips and practices (once you have practiced them yourself) into the businesses you work with or want to work with.
➡️  How to participate in this experiment:
🌟 Get started and grab the Day 1 Mindfulness Experiment here: Set Your Intention for the Experiment 🌟 


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