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3 Tips for Teaching Corporate Meditation

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3 Tips for Teaching Corporate Meditation 


The proven scientific benefits of meditation are overwhelming: enhanced focus, better memory, improved relationships, better sleep, divergent thinking enhanced, exceptional stress management tool, ability to literally change the brain, and so many more. 


With the overwhelming positive research backed by the benefits of meditation, you are fully supported to legitimately bring meditation into businesses to help their employees realize these fantastic results. 


Plus EVERYONE and EVERYBODY can participate. It is inviting to all. 


Here are 3 simple tips to implement now, to teach meditation in the business landscape: 

  1. Use the research to show your prospective clients the proven benefits. Here is an example and one of my favorite studies from Sara Lazar at Harvard: 
  2. If meditation is “off putting” to a potential client, change the name to a “Mindful Break for Peak Performance” or another name that indicates what they will receive without being intimidating. 
  3. Meditate daily yourself. Utilize yourself to see the fantastic benefits daily meditation brings to you. Need a resource? Try Insight Timer. The free version of this app has thousands of meditations at various lengths and styles so you can expand your understanding of all the meditations out there. {Please note I have zero affiliation with Insight Timer and simply use it as a resource myself.}



Would you like to learn how to guide meditation? I have a yoga nidra meditation training coming up with 4 seats left in person, but many available slots left online, check it out here:



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