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An Insider Tip to Teaching Corporate Yoga

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An Insider Tip to Teaching Corporate Yoga 


I'd like to let you in on a little secret. Teaching corporate yoga is just as much about being a "good" yoga teacher as it is about having a professional attitude, if not more so.




If you do not have any corporate clients yet how can you demonstrate your professional attitude?

  •  Be concise and clear when leaving voice mails.
  •  Follow up when you say you are going to follow up.
  •  Use research to cite why yoga is effective at reducing stress.
  •  Ask questions of business owners when you first meet them to understand problems in their business (i.e. stressed employees, lack of team work, need to attract more talent) so that you can find the yoga solutions that will help them.




Once you have the client, here are ways to keep them by demonstrating a professional attitude:

  •  Show up 10-15 minutes early.
  •  If online, do a prep session.
  •  Introduce yourself to everyone coming in when possible.
  •  Know how to teach to beginners.
  •  Know how to provide many options for different levels of practitioners.
  •  Invoice promptly.
  •  Answer emails promptly.
  •  Provide solutions to problems before your client does (low attendance for example).
  •  Return phone calls promptly.
  •  Avoid last minute cancellations and have subs to cover classes for when you are sick or traveling.
  •  Communicate vs. Avoid.



When I place subs myself, I notice that what is most important to me are the things not associated with teaching: showing up early, communicating professionally with the practitioners, having an awareness of how to teach to beginners and most importantly communicating with me (letting me know when they have arrived, how the class went, etc).



If you maintain a professional attitude you will keep your corporate yoga clients year after year and also receive referrals.



How do you maintain a professionalism with your corporate clients? Reply to this email and we will share on our social media to help each other out.  



Thank you for being in this together to bring more yoga to more people by way of where they spend most of their day!



To your success,


[email protected]

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