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Today, Give Yourself a Gift 💫

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 ✨ Tuesday Tip of the Week ✨


  Give yourself the gift of additional education to expand your offers. 



Here is an opportunity coming up for you soon: 



A Blueprint for Teaching Corporate Yoga:
20 Yoga Alliance CE's


Ready to expand your yoga business right now?


The next cohort is LIVE in Scottsdale, AZ (or via zoom), October 14-16th.


*Can't join live? You're still welcome to purchase the course and learn at your own pace....on demand and online. 


The moment you sign up you will have access to 20 hours on demand, a 90 plus page manual + the LIVE training in October!




Learn to Secure Contracts

Understand how to find, get and keep corporate yoga business.  Discover how your network can help you!

Observational Hours

Observe a corporate chair class, mat class + workshops to see how corporate classes are taught.

Avoid these Mistakes

Understand why office folks won't come to your class & how to fix it.

The Business of Yoga

Learn pricing, contract terms, invoicing, & much more!


I am also offering a work exchange opportunity for this course. If you are in AZ and desire to take the course, but the funds are not available please email me and I will discuss with you how you can take the course for free in exchange for helping to set up the training and manage the zoom while I teach live.




To your success,


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