Help Your Corporate Clients Be Aware of their Stress Triggers

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Help Your Corporate Clients Be Aware of their Stress Triggers



Stress is a hot topic in the corporate world and one of the biggest liabilities a business owner faces. A stressed out employee is not as healthy (huge healthcare cost burden for a business owner), misses more days of work and is not productive....can you blame them when they have loads of stress on their shoulders?




What does this have to do with yoga?







Yoga, according to the research and what I hear time and time again from my corporate clients, is a tool that is extremely successful in managing daily stress.



How do you even begin teaching corporate yoga clients how to manage stress through yoga?



Begin by understanding how yoga helps you to manage your stress.  



Here are some ideas:

  •  Are you aware of your own top 3 stress triggers?
  •  Do you know how they show up in your body?
  •  Can you recognize when you are being overwhelmed by a stress trigger, so that you can pause, do something about it (breath deeply, repeat affirmations, shake it out, etc) and then return to the task at hand in a more centered way?
  •  Then, how can you break managing stress through yoga into bite sizes pieces of information for your clients?  




✨ I have a 30-day Mindful Experiment to help you out. We started this yesterday, but really it can be self-paced as well. ✨




You'll put yourself through a Mindful Experiment AND you can utilize any and all of this information for your corporate yoga clients and future yoga clients.




To your success,


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