Tuesday Tip: Lean Into Your Network

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 Today's Tuesday Tip ⭐️  

Lean into Your Network to Find Your Corporate Yoga Clients.
Here is the story of how I earned my first corporate yoga client, along with nuggets of wisdom you can take.
I was sooo excited when I first received my 200 yoga certificate and I decided immediately I would venture into the corporate landscape to find clients, because I had success in everything from business to business sales for well over a decade.
While I immediately started to make cold calls I also leaned into my network. I told my friends, family, past co-workers, and other yoga teachers that I was a corporate yoga teacher.  
↳ They of course said: "What is a corporate yoga teacher?"
I replied, "I bring practical yogic tips into businesses to help employees manage stress - and hey who can you introduce me to that owns a business!?"
What happened next I NEVER would have guessed. My sweet, deal mother introduced me to a childhood friend of hers who was pretty high up in the hotel world.  
✅ Now the reason I wouldn't have thought of my Mom was because she was a retired school teacher.  
So, my first point here is for you to not discount any of your friends or family. Lean into their help. Most want to help. Ask them to think of ANY friends or family of theirs that can introduce you to someone that works in an office.
My Mom's friend introduced me to the Scottsdale Resort. I was upfront that I was brand new, but Patrick (my decision maker for hiring me) was appreciative of my enthusiasm
I let him know that my classes and workshops helped employees manage stress. I asked what stressors his people were going through in particular.
🗣 Patrick shared they had just had a merger, so together we brainstormed a workshop called Embracing Change which included breath work, mindful movement, visualization and team building exercises that allowed employees to discuss change and practice solutions (all from my yoga training) to manage the stress.
After the workshop I followed up with Patrick for feedback and asked for a social recommendation.
 I also asked him who he could introduce me to in order for me to grow my business. He introduced me to a company that has since given me a lot of continued business.
📸 I brought in a photographer to this event (if I had to do it again I would have filmed it) to capture media for my website and advertising.
⭐️ 3 key take aways for you today:
  1. Start telling everyone that you are a corporate yoga teacher
  1. Be open to the path it takes you on.  While I was expecting my first paid 
  2. opportunity to be yoga classes I remained open to what was presenting
  3. which was a workshop
  1. Don't ask your network: Can you give me a referral as that is a yes or no question instead ask: WHO can you refer me to?
⭐️ Pro Tip: Be open to everyone in your network. I truly didn't think my own Mother would know anyone in the business world to refer me to, yet her connection has blossomed into so much business today and I can trace much of it back to this one referral.


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