AVOID this highly common mistake!

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While this tip is a repeat from Teach Corporate Yoga, I hope you find the reminder helpful and actionable.




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Avoid this highly common mistake many studio yoga teachers make when teaching corporate yoga.
➡️ MISTAKE: Teaching Vinyasa Yoga in a corporate setting.
↳ WHY: A practitioner really needs to have experience with yoga in order to feel successful in a vinyasa yoga class. As we all know, vinyasa moves at a more rapid pace with many chaturangas (or variations of) and this excludes many beginners. While I am vinyasa trained, I only teach vinyasa style yoga in a studio setting.
Throughout the years, I have surveyed many office workers to ask what would keep them from attending a yoga class at their office. While I review this in depth in my 20 hour course, (opens again in May!!) the #1 reason why, is the intimidation factor that is attached to yoga. This is largely due to the images portrayed on social media of what a "yogi" looks like and because of how challenging vinyasa style yoga is to most people.
First, I have asked the decision maker why they thought the program wasn't successful. That is my baseline. After that, I ask a lot of questions to begin to co-create a non-intimidating yoga program that feels inclusive to all.
To keep it super simple here are 3 tips if you are vinyasa trained that you can implement right now.
  1.  Take the Vinyasa Flow out and keep a lot of the rest of your class that you would teach in a studio. For example, in studio, if my flow is crescent, warrior b, reverse, side angle, reverse, windmill down to chaturanga I would keep that "flow" but simply hold each pose for longer with a lot of alignment and breath cues. Basically we are standing most of the time.
  2. Utilize a chair and wall as props. As previously stated, balance and sitting on the ground can be challenging for many, so utilize "props" aka the wall and chair that are already there.
  3. Rename your "noon yoga class" to something that sounds inviting such as "beginners yoga for all" or "energizing mindful movement for all levels."
↳ Note: I have one corporation I teach at where there is a small cross over to a yoga studio I teach at, because of the proximity. The students that have come to my studio flow class also have attended the corporate beginners yoga classes which they enjoy. In summary, I don't want you to worry about your class being "too easy" for existing practitioners, because the feedback is they appreciate being able to engage in stress releasing yoga at work, appreciate the change up and most of all enjoy any opportunity to re-set and connect to their breath.
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