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How to Create a Wellness Pop Up for Your Corporate Client!

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 How to Create a Wellness Pop Up for Your Corporate Client



This past year I have created or taught in several wellness pop up's for my corporate clients. I just received a request for my services to create a three-day wellness room for a 2023 corporate client event, and I wanted to share how you can get work this way too!




What is a wellness pop up? A room at a business conference, business retreat or at a corporation at a set time (every Tuesday from 9 to noon for example), where employees or attendees can "pop in" to receive whatever wellness services are being offered.




For organizational purposes, it would work best if you posted a schedule on the door of the "Wellness Pop In Room", such as: "5 Minute Meditations for Peak Performance starting every quarter hour from 9 am until noon each Tuesday. Pop in at any 'quarter of the hour' to receive a mini recharge to be top notch for the rest of the day!"



How can you find or create this business?



Here are three ideas:


  1. Find business conferences in 2023 and call up the organizer to propose a "Mindful Pop In Break" for example for attendees to recharge.
  2. Call the businesses in your area, or that you have an in with, and propose a few hours each week where you can take over the conference room or an area for employees to pop in for a Mindful Movement Re-Charge for 10 minutes, every 15 minutes to release stress and gain focus.
  3. If you want to work in conjunction with a studio or gym you currently work at, create a well-being pop up for businesses in the area to stop in at. Obviously talk with the studio about the business details of how'll you handle any leads of businesses that pop in, that want your yoga services in their corporation. 

→ Here is a resource for you: How to Plan a Pop-Up Event for Your Fitness and Wellness Studio: A Checklist | Mindbody (




Have you ever planned a wellness pop up? If so, share your tips and we'll share them on social media! Just reply to this email.



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